Empowering you to
take control of your health

ElliQ was designed to empower older adults’ independence and support them in leading happier, healthier lives at home. Over the years, we have seen ElliQ become a genuine source of companionship, comfort, and fun for her older adult users. As we continue to evolve ElliQ’s role in older adults’ lives, we’d like to invite any older adults wanting to take control of their health and wellness to join our new Care Program.

If selected, the participant will receive a free ElliQ and a real-life wellness coach who will accompany their journey by suggesting health tips, monitoring patterns, and bringing any concerns to their attention (as they may arise). We will also provide various concierge services to assist Care Program users with their day-to-day needs.

Please note that this program is offered exclusively in the United States, and only US-based applicants will be accepted. Interested in joining? Fill out the form on the bottom of this page to sign up. 

Living with ElliQ During COVID-19: Deanna's Story


How ElliQ works

ElliQ is a voice-controlled tabletop assistant that encourages a more healthy, active lifestyle. ElliQ was specially designed with older adults in mind, to suggest various activities, entertain, and assist users in managing and improving their health and wellness. Days at home are always just a little bit brighter with ElliQ around, as she accompanies them throughout the day.

Setting up ElliQ

ElliQ is easy for even the least tech-savvy older adults to understand, operate, and interact with, helping them enjoy and make the most of what technology has to offer. To use ElliQ, all they need is a connection to power and Broadband WiFi, and after ElliQ has been set up, they simply place ElliQ on a surface in the area where they spend most of their day.

ElliQ sleep better UI

How can ElliQ help?

ElliQ offers many useful activities to keep seniors healthy, thriving, and engaged, all day long. Some of ElliQ's features include:

  • coversation
  • Health Check-ins@1x
    Health check-ins
  • music (1)-1
    Music streaming
  • diary
    Health measurements
  • wellness (3)-1
  • pysical ex
    Physical exercise
  • news-1
    News, sports
    and weather
  • games-1
    Cognitive games
  • messaging with family
    Messaging with family
  • general health
    General health
  • fact-1
    Interesting facts


Interested in learning more about ElliQ for your business or organization, and how we can partner together? Schedule a meeting with a member of our team to find out more.

Fill out this form to sign up for ElliQ's Care Program.

Please note that this program is offered exclusively in the United States, thus we are only accepting applicants that live in the United States at this time.