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As we continue to evolve ElliQ®, the sidekick for happier aging, we’re exploring the role ElliQ can take in helping seniors adopt a healthy and active lifestyle, while keeping independent at home.

We’re looking for older adults (ages 70+), especially those interested in improving their health and wellness, to join our growing Insiders program. They'll receive ElliQ before she’s commercially available, to help them manage and improve their daily health and wellness routines.

Because ElliQ still isn’t a perfect product and needs a few final flourishes, this program is free of charge. By using ElliQ and participating in this research, the older adults will be providing us with invaluable feedback about the product.

Living with ElliQ During COVID-19: Deanna's Story


How ElliQ works

ElliQ is a voice-controlled tabletop assistant that encourages a more healthy, active lifestyle. ElliQ was specially designed with older adults in mind, to suggest various activities, entertain, and assist users in managing and improving their health and wellness. Days at home are always just a little bit brighter with ElliQ around, as she accompanies them throughout the day.

Setting up ElliQ

ElliQ is easy for even the least tech-savvy older adults to understand, operate, and interact with, helping them enjoy and make the most of what technology has to offer. To use ElliQ, all they need is a connection to power and Broadband WiFi, and after ElliQ has been set up, they simply place ElliQ on a surface in the area where they spend most of their day.

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What can ElliQ do?

ElliQ offers many useful activities to keep seniors healthy, thriving, and engaged, all day long. Some of ElliQ's most popular features include the following:

  • coversation
  • Reminder3-1
    Health reminders
  • music (1)-1
    Music streaming
  • video (1)-1
    Curated videos
  • wellness (3)-1
  • morning (2)-1
    Morning motivation
  • news-1
    News, sports, and weather
  • games-1
    Cognitive games
  • calender-1
    Calendar appointments
  • fact-1
    Interesting facts


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